Super Metroid VARIA Randomizer

The Very Adaptive Randomizer of Items and Area (VARIA) randomizer will generate a Super Metroid ROM finishable using the known techniques of the chosen preset.

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Settings Preset:
Race Mode

Randomizer parameters

Randomizer seed:
Skills Preset: What's in the logic for this skills preset ?
Endgame behaviour with Tourian:
Number of objectives:
Objectives to access Tourian:
Start location:
Majors Split:
Mandatory locations to visit: Randomize items in mandatory locations
Maximum difficulty for picking up an item:
Progression speed:
Progression difficulty:
Morph Placement:
Suits restriction
Hide some items

Ammo and Energy

Strict Minors distribution
Proportion of Missiles :
Proportion of Super Missiles :
Proportion of Power Bombs :
Percentage of minors (//) available:
Quantity of Energy / Reserve Tanks available:

Areas Randomization

Add more randomness to your seed by randomizing the access between the areas.
Check the help button for the map of the areas and the access points between them.

Area Randomization:
Additional layout patches for easier navigation

Doors Colors Randomization

Randomize the color of Red/Green/Yellow doors Allow some doors to be randomized to grey doors

Bosses Randomization

Randomize the access doors to the Golden 4 bosses.

Bosses randomization
Boss rush, aka Minimizer Number of locations:

Escape Randomization

Randomize the escape sequence Remove enemies during randomized escape sequence

Super Fun Times™

Have fun randomly removing major items!

Super Fun Combat
Super Fun Movement


Some patches are applied by default, use the 'advanced' tab to see them.


The bug fix patches from Total Item Randomizer are included by default.

Randomizer adaptations (logic impact)
Anti-softlock layout patches VARIA tweaks
Nerfed Charge Beam available from the start Relaxed Round Robin Crystal Flash
Suits properties
Game comfort
Remove fanfare when picking up an item Accelerate doors Accelerate elevators
Spin jump restart (a.k.a. Respin) Momentum conservation (a.k.a. Speedkeep)
Infinite Space Jump Refill energy and ammo when saving
Save the animals surprise
Disable background music Randomize background music

You can randomize in-game colors and use a custom Samus sprite on the Customizer page.