Super Metroid VARIA Randomizer

The Very Adaptive Randomizer of Items and Area (VARIA) randomizer will generate a Super Metroid ROM finishable using the known techniques of the chosen preset.

Vanilla Super Metroid ROM:
Randomizer seed:
Preset used to randomize:

Randomizer parameters

Full randomization
Maximum difficulty for picking up an item:
Progression speed:
Progression difficulty:
Randomly set the next three parameters:
Spread progression items
Suits restriction
Early Morph

Ammo and Energy

Randomly set the minors/energy quantities:
Quantity of Missiles:
Quantity of Super Missiles:
Quantity of Power Bombs:
Percentage of minors available:
Quantity of Energy/Reserve Tanks available:

Area Randomization

Add more randomness to your seed by randomizing the access between the areas.
Check the help button for the map of the areas and the access points between them.

Area randomization
Additional layout patches for easier navigation

Super Fun Times (TM)

Have fun randomly removing major items!
Warning: For experienced players only.

Randomly set the Super Fun Times parameters:
Super Fun Combat
Super Fun Movement


The bug fix patches from Total Item Randomizer are included by default.

Include layout patches from Total Item Randomizer
Remove Gravity Suit heat protection (by Total)
VARIA tweaks (by Flo)

Skip text intro (start at Ceres Station) (by Smiley)
Skip text intro and Ceres station (start at Landing Site) (by Total)
Remove fanfare when picking up an item (by Scyzer)
Allows Samus to start spinning in mid air after jumping or falling (by Kejardon)
Accelerate doors and elevators transitions (by Rakki & Lioran)
Play music with MSU1 chip on SD2SNES (by DarkShock)
Max Ammo Display (by Personitis) (incompatible with MSU1 patch)
Save the animals surprise (by Foosda)