Super Metroid VARIA Plandomizer

Plando Randomizer parameters

Percentage of minors available:
Quantity of Energy/Reserve Tanks available:
Hide the result of the VARIA Randomizer (to save it without spoiling):
Items not to place:
Charge.png Ice.png Wave.png Spazer.png Plasma.png Varia.png Gravity.png Morph.png Bomb.png SpringBall.png ScrewAttack.png HiJump.png SpaceJump.png SpeedBooster.png Grapple.png XRayScope.png ETank.png Reserve.png Missile.png Super.png PowerBomb.png

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Randomized Super Metroid ROM:
Debug VCR window
VCR file:
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Previous action:

Drag and drop item locations for the Scavenger Hunt

Locations in the HuntAvailable item locations
1: Clear Charge Beam
2: Clear Ice Beam
3: Clear Wave Beam
4: Clear Spazer
5: Clear Plasma Beam
6: Clear Varia Suit
7: Clear Gravity Suit
8: Clear Morphing Ball
9: Clear Bomb
10: Clear Spring Ball
11: Clear Screw Attack
12: Clear Hi-Jump Boots
13: Clear Space Jump
14: Clear Speed Booster
15: Clear Grapple Beam
16: Clear X-Ray Scope
17: Clear Ridley

Randomized Super Metroid ROM:
Populate your plando with the items and transitions from the base ROM:
Start location:
Door randomization:

Item to place at LOC: