Super Metroid VARIA Randomizer, Solver and Tracker

Welcome to Very Adaptive Randomizer of Items and Areas for Super Metroid

Here, you will be able to generate as many VARIAtions of Super Metroid as you want, by Randomizing Item locations, and even the connections between the main Areas!
If you're not an uberskilled speedrunner, have no fear, neither are we. It is Very Adaptive to all skill levels, and you are guaranteed to be able to finish a randomized ROM, granted that you create your skill preset, or use a standard one in your range.
To help you find your way in these sometimes not so easy randomized ROMs (aka 'seeds') you will be able to use a Solver, to estimate the seed's difficulty or have a full spoiler log. Even better, you can use the interactive Item Tracker to help you as you play along. For area-randomized seeds, the Tracker can also be used in a simpler way just to help you keep track of the area connections without any additional help.


  • At the center of the VARIA experience is the preset
  • All the techniques which can be required in a seed are listed
  • For each technique you can tell if you know it and your perceived difficulty of it
  • Also take into account hell runs (going into heated rooms without protection), hard rooms (Gauntlet, Xray) and bosses
  • Standards presets of increasing difficulty are included, as a base to create your own
  • A skill level bar allows you to compare your preset to the standard and community presets
  • Tutorials are available for most of the techniques
  • The rooms where the techniques can be used are listed
  • Put your gamepad mapping in your preset


  • Use your preset to generate seeds that will only require techniques you know
  • Full item randomization, majors/minors randomization, Chozo split (required items to finish the game are located in Chozo statues), Scavenger Hunt (collect major items in a required order)
  • Areas/Bosses randomization: randomize the access between the main areas of the game and/or the bosses doors
  • Start Location: choose or randomize where you want to start the game
  • Doors colors: randomize the color of colored doors, add beams doors in the mix
  • Objectives: choose or randomize goals to access the end, and endgame behavior with Tourian
  • Different progression speeds, from slowest, stuffing your way with as many non-progression items as possible, to fastest, where you will be able to visit Zebes pretty shortly
  • Choose the quantity and distribution of minors and energy
  • Super Fun Times: Have fun randomly removing major items!


  • Using your preset you can check if you can finish a seed (VARIA/Dessy/Total randomizers are supported) and get a difficulty estimation
  • Display an optional spoiler giving you a realistic path to follow to finish the seed
  • All the techniques and items used to reach a location are displayed
  • You can click on an item to highlight all occurences of it in the spoiler for easy spotting
  • The solver can collect all items or only the minimum required

Areas and Items Tracker

  • Auto tracker: connect your emulator/sd2snes/snes mini to let the tracker updates itself automatically
  • Area tracker: add lines between the area portals when playing an Area randomized seed
  • Interactive Item tracker: the available locations are displayed on the map, click on them to collect the item and display the next available locations
  • Trackers states are saved automatically, allowing you to finish your seed in multiple seatings

Areas and Items Plandomizer

  • Items Plandomizer: Manually place items to create you own Plando seed in graphical/interactive mode
  • Areas/Bosses/Doors Plandomizer: Choose the connections between areas/bosses doors, choose doors colors in your Plando seed
  • Plando/Rando: partially populate your plando, and let the randomizer fill in the gaps

Seed Customizer

  • Add comfort patches
  • Randomize in-game colors
  • Replace Samus sprite or ship with a custom one (some with custom items names)
  • Replace in-game music by custom tracks, or randomize the vanilla soundtrack