Super Metroid VARIA Customizer

Add palette randomization, use custom Samus sprite, apply patches to an already randomized VARIA seed, or a vanilla Super Metroid ROM.


Colors Randomization

Randomize the colors of Samus, beams, levels, enemies and bosses.

Colors Randomization -180
Use the same degree to randomize all the elements

Select the elements to colors randomize.

Samus Beams Levels
Enemies Bosses

Custom Sprites

Replace Samus sprite with a custom one.
Replace some items names to match the custom sprite universe.
Use the same animation for Screw Attack with or without Space Jump.
Replace Samus Ship sprite with a custom one.


Patches to customize your ROM.

Game comfort
Remove fanfare when picking up an item
Accelerate doors and elevators transitions
Spin jump restart (a.k.a. Respin)
Momentum conservation (a.k.a. Speedkeep)
Infinite Space Jump
Refill energy and ammo when saving
Disable background music
Randomize background music
Allows the aim buttons to be assigned to any button
Max Ammo Display
Play music with MSU1 chip on SD2SNES
Restore vanilla behaviour
Restore vanilla fanfare when picking up an item
Restore vanilla doors and elevators transitions